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Q: What is NutriStat?
A: NutriStat is used to track the growth of children and adolescents over time. Statistical outputs, including z-scores and percentiles, are provided to help public health professionals determine how a child's growth patterns match against accepted standards.

Q: What growth reference sets will NutriStat support?
A: NutriStat will support the CDC/WHO 1978, CDC 2000, WHO 2006, and WHO 2007 growth reference data.

Q: What is the relationship of NutriStat to Epi Info(tm)'s NutStat module?
A: NutriStat is an open source implementation of Epi Info(tm)'s NutStat module. Epi Info(tm) is a trademark of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. See

Q: What does NutriStat do that Epi Info(tm)'s NutStat does not do?
A: Both programs are very similar, although NutriStat aims to offer several additional features and functions that NutStat does not: NutriStat can read and write to SQL Server and MySQL databases (in addition to Microsoft Access databases), and in theory adding other database types should be fairly straightforward; NutriStat is compatible with the Access 2007 file format; NutriStat should be Linux-compatible when used with the Mono framework as it is written in .NET 3.5; NutriStat can make use of the WHO 2006 and WHO 2007 reference data; NutriStat is open source, so that end users may download the source code and modify it to suit their needs; NutriStat supports letting the user pick the decimal precision of statistic output; NutriStat has a file export function that allows exporting data to text files, XML files, and Excel spreadsheets; NutriStat should (in theory) be able to run from a flash drive and does not need to be installed to the operating system; NutriStat will calculate statistics for all three included reference sets at once, rather than only calculating the statistics for the reference set currently on display; NutriStat has a 'first' and 'last' button that will immediately take the user to the first and last records in the database; NutriStat has an enhanced 'Find' feature; NutriStat can color-code statistical output.

Q: Will Epi Info(tm) NutStat users have to upgrade their databases to use NutriStat?
A: Yes. NutriStat uses a flat-table layout as NutStat does in order to make analysis as simple as possible. Because of this fact, and also because WHO 2007 statistics are supported, NutriStat tables will have additional columns that NutStat tables do not. An upgrade is therefore necessary.

Q: What is the expected release date?
A: To be determined. Several key components are missing and still need to be programmed, such as the graphing feature.

Q: I want to help, but I don't have any programming experience - what can I do?
A: Even if you have zero technical skills, there are tasks you could assist with. For starters, we need some sort of user documentation such as a manuals or a help file. We also need people to test the program for bugs and flaws. If you have statistics expertise, a review of our statistical calculations and methods would be welcomed. We also need users to provide us with suggestions and feedback so that we can, over time, make NutriStat more user-friendly and flexible - so even just giving us a "Good job, this does what I need" or "It needs to be improved, and here's how..." in the Discussion section would be very helpful.

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