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Project Roadmap - Major Issues

  1. Report generator is required. The report generator should be able to display reports similar to those found in Epi Info™ 3.5.1.
  2. An import routine is needed to bring in Epi Info™ 3.5.1 NutStat databases (80% complete)
  3. An 'Add statistics' routine is needed to add z-scores and percentiles to non-NutriStat data bases
  4. Documentation needs to be provided for end-users; e.g. helpfile or manual
  5. NCHS 1978 statistics need to be verified for accuracy

Documentation Topics

Source Code and Project Installation Guide
Frequently Asked Questions

Documentation Downloads

NutriStat Table Columns and Data Types
Describes the layout for standard NutriStat data tables, including data types and column names

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